50 Minutes - $120

Sessions of 50 minutes are for any adult over the age of 18. This gives you an opportunity to talk about whatever may be troubling you. This can be just one session or for long-term help. Many people like to do occasional “check-ups” even after the original problem has been resolved.

**Children between the ages of 18 months to 14 years may not attend your sessions with you (unless you are seeking family counselling) as there is no childcare provided.  Children under the age of 18 months may attend sessions with you. If you would like for your children to attend their own counselling sessions, we can work together to find the ideal form of help for them

Couples Counselling

50 Minutes - $125

Couples counselling offers a safe environment in order to begin the process of making decisions for the future of your relationship. Many people often find it easier to say the things that they need to in front of a counsellor. Sometimes it is impossible to step back from the problems in the relationship with a view of moving forward when you are embroiled in turmoil. Having an objective helper in the room can allow each party to release themselves for healing and growth. Whether you have a specific problem or are just feeling disconnected, counselling can help.
The format will be based on the needs of the couple.  For example, the initial session can be for 25 minutes for each partner (50 minutes total) to speak to the counsellor privately or the couple may attend the entire session together. A recommendation will be made at this point for the possible future session format.


Individual Phone or Online Counselling

50 Minutes - $120

How it works:  Sessions are 50 minutes in length and will be booked in Pacific Standard Time. You will not be charged for long-distance fees. Online sessions will take place through Skype.
Contact instructions, privacy and confidentiality issues will be discussed and agreed upon during the initial consultation.
Set-up:  Payment must be received prior to the session. 24 hours notice must be given for cancellation or postponement or you will be charged for the missed session.
Who it works for:  Phone and online sessions are only available for individuals.

*** Online and phone sessions are not suitable for people who are experiencing an unstable psychiatric condition, such as severe depression, suicidal thoughts, bipolar disorder, or any life threatening disorders.

Pre-Marital / Cohabitation Support

50 Minutes - $125

This allows couples to celebrate the strength of their relationship and to explore those areas of the relationship that would benefit from discussion.

We will examine up to 15 topic areas and spend the time necessary as individualized for the couple.

Couples should allow for completion of these sessions at least 6 months before the wedding/co-habitation to give time for the relationship to adjust based on response to counselling.